ASA Engine Equipments is not affiliated with ALCO, EMD and GE diesel manufacturers whose OEM Part references are appearing on this Website. All manufacturer’s names, numbers, specifications and descriptions are used for reference only. It is not implied that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.

Parts offered by ASA Engine Equipments are in accordance with OEM Standards and are interchangeable in terms of quality, dimensions, fit form and above all performance with corresponding ALCO, EMD and GE catalogue part numbers.

All parts offered by ASA Engine Equipments are free from defects in raw material, design, manufacturing and workmanship. This warranty will be for a period of 12 months in service or 18 months from time of shipment.

If any part is found to be defective within the warranty period when used properly according to specifications, we will at our option either credit customer’s account with the cost of defective parts or provide free replacement only provided the reasons for such rejections are brought to our attention before the expiry of the warranty period. We will not be liable to pay freight, insurance, duties/taxes or any other expenses incurred on importation of parts.

This warranty is restricted to the extent of replacement or crediting the purchaser with the cost of parts only without any further responsibility for any kind of consequential losses/damages of whatsoever nature.